Dayton: DFL must win majorities in the Legislature

ROCHESTER — In his speech to delegates at the DFL convention, Gov. Mark Dayton said the party must make rebuilding majorities in the Legislature its priority this election year.

“We must, we must elect DFL majorities in both the Minnesota House and the Minnesota Senate,” Dayton said. “We must.” Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for gov00 dflconvention news ahk.jpg

Dayton said he will do everything he can to win both chambers, whether it be fundraising or campaigning.

“I always tell candidates I’ll do whatever helps them the most,” Dayton said. “I’ll campaign for them, I’ll campaign against them, whichever does the most good.”

Though candidates will be counting on Dayton to help them win this year, in 2010 Dayton wasn’t allowed to speak at the DFL convention. This year, he was welcomed warmly by the party and the delegates.

The episode two years ago is “history,” Dayton said. “I’m just glad to get such an enthusiastic reception.”

During his speech, Dayton reflected on what the Legislature might look like had there been a Republican Governor, quoting Tom Emmer, the GOP candidate Dayton narrowly defeated in 2010.

“An Emmer administration would make Wisconsin look like the poor, ugly stepchild that they are,” Dayton said.

Dayton said there would have been $200 billion more in spending cuts, more pollution, collective bargaining would have been “eviscerated” and Minnesota would be a “right-to-work” state.

With a DFL majority and governor, Minnesotans can count on higher taxes on the wealthiest, property taxes would be lower, and public education would improve – all issues DFL candidates and liberal groups campaigning for them will be highlighting this election season.

Hear the rest of Dayton’s speech here:

Photo Credit: Gov. Mark Dayton speaks to delagates at the DFL state convention in Rochester Saturday, Jun. 2, 2012. (Alex Kolyer for MPR)

  • tom

    What a class act. would you like to insult the rest of our neighbors too?

  • Chris

    He was quoting something Tom Emmer said.