Voter ID supporters take on AARP

Some supporters of Minnesota’s voter ID constitutional amendment are calling for a statewide boycott of the seniors’ group AARP for its formal stand against the ballot question.

Representatives of Minnesota Majority and other groups held a news conference today to criticize AARP for opposing a voter ID requirement. A few participants cut up their own AARP membership cards. Minnesota Majority President Jeff Davis said he thinks AARP is out of touch with its members on the voter ID issue.

“They have millions of dollars to spend on these types of campaigns. So certainly, I mean that’s why we’re basically calling attention to this, ” he said. “We think it’s disengenuous for them to take a position on this issue that is contrary to most of their members.”

Amy McDonough, associate state director for advocacy at AARP, said the organization is concerned that a photo ID requirement could prevent some seniors from voting on Election Day.

“This has been a long-standing AARP position, and it’s something that we’ve advocated for strongly over many decades as an organization,” McDonough said.

McDonough said there are 650,000 AARP members in Minnesota.

  • C. Subrina Montgomery

    I am not in agreement with voter suppression legislation. When the Constitution was written it only allowed white male land owners to vote and make laws that others had to follow. Then after the Civil War black males were allowed to vote, but then state legislatures systematic write the Black Codes that took away that right. Then white women were allowed to vote in the late 1900s, then Native Americans in 1924, but black people had to right for the right to even register with grand father clauses, wax paper test, literacy tests. There were people such as Geo Wallace who would not even allow black people to register to vote and that’s how we got the march to Selma and people killed, just to register to vote. I feel that if voting is not going to be open and fair then democracy should be abolished cause it’s not democracy when only certain people make the laws.

  • Susanna Patterson

    “Minnesota Majority and other groups…” which other groups?

    How many of them were there? How many groups? How many members?

    This so-called “Minnesota Majority” really has no way of knowing that opposition to this amendment is “contrary to (the opinions of) most of their members.”

    The only poll I have seen on this subject was taken more than a year ago by the StarTribune — other than a straw poll of sorts at the State Fair in August (which, I might add, showed a dramatic decrease in support for the amendment) and neither of those polls was broken down by age, gender, or membership in an organization.

  • Eric Ferguson

    Considering that most anecdotes of people losing their voting rights or having to to get a bunch of media coverage to get their states to issue them photo IDs involve senior citizens, I’d say AARP is definitely protecting their members. I know Minnesota Majority can’t sympathize with an 80-something that can’t drive and never had a birth certificate because they were born at home, but good thing AARP can.

  • David U

    Requiring voter IDs is discrimination, plain and simple. Most of the articles I have read find this would be a hardship on the elderly and low income groups.

    An honest program the Minnesota Majority should enact would be to encourage MORE voting.

    Just where did the Minnesota Majority get the data that most AARP members oppose a voter ID requirement? My experience with other AARP and retired people is exactly the opposite.

    Methinks the Minnesota Majority is just another arm of the Republican Party, up to its usual disinformation and deception.

  • michael sampica

    this is absolutely nothing more than trying to legitimize voter suppression. There are no convicted voter fraud cases in the state of MN ever. So where is the need to have this law, it is all about making it more difficult for minorities and those without drivers license to vote. This is just one more attempt by the right to make it more difficult for what they have been told are traditional Democatic voter groups to vote.

  • C.Dorr

    MN Majority makes all these wild allegations & accusations against AARP. They have nothing useful to say, so they just spout off nonsense. Blah, blah, blah ! Goes to show how distanced MN Majority is from where our MN seniors are on this issue.

  • Tammy Quist

    I’ve just become a fan of AARP. I’m glad they’re standing up against voter suppression. MN Majority – you are NOT the majority. Passing laws that discriminate against poor people, underprivileged, or under-educated is not very CHRISTIAN by the way.

  • C Krassinger

    I just don’t understand what people have against showing identification before they vote. If I get a ticket, I show my ID. If I have to take a plane, I show my ID. How fast do you think these young people wanting to vote, get an ID so that they can buy liquor or drive a car? The seniors I know all have ID’s. My mother was 90 when she died and she had an ID for years because she had given up driving 30 years before. The few dollars that might be charged could be saved very quickly before November. Yes from Soc Security, welfare, etc Illegal immigrants are the ones that can’t get a license and they should not be allowed to vote! Talk about fair. Those ARE the votes I want to suppress. Put your money where your mouth is. Start a fund to get people ID’s that cannot get one (according to you). Get real.

  • Bob

    Cases of voter fraud are popping up all over the country. Voter ID is essential in order to maintain the integrity of the ballot.

  • pitch_fork_ready

    @ David U “Requiring voter IDs is discrimination, plain and simple. Most of the articles I have read find this would be a hardship on the elderly and low income groups.”

    Are you serious? How many “articles” have you read and what were their sources? Do you believe everything you read without doing your own research? How is requiring an ID discrimination? You have to have ID to buy beer! I am sure the welfare recipients have an ID for that! Give me a break! Typical liberal BS!

  • Hugh G

    You might need an ID to buy beer, cash a check, or even see a movie. The difference is; you do not have a basic right to buy a beer, cash a check or see a movie. Those are privileges. Voting is a right. To make people jump through hoops (that cost money) to exercise that right is wrong.

  • Wayne Capra

    Voter fraud is practically non existent for example about ten cases in Wisconsin in two election years, mostly felons voting, and absentee ballot problems which identification doesn’t solve. Indiana had no cases on record but had to have such a fraudulent law. If these bills could not prevent thousands of Democrats from voting, Republican politicians would not bother with them.

    The clear intention of these laws, to prevent voting, is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court accepted them based on how the case was framed as creating an undue burden on voters, which is not the real issue.

    Funny how Republicans don’t mind spending government money to deal with the problems these fraudulent laws create just to stop a few instances of voting fraud.

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