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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where voter ID supporters want a boycott of AARP, Franken is backing a pay equality bill, and Obama is redoubling fundraising efforts.

Around Minnesota

Supporters of Minnesota’s voter ID constitutional amendment are calling for a statewide boycott of the seniors’ group AARP for opposing the ballot question.

AARP has created a political fund to oppose the amendment.

The Senate has been billed for legal services for the Michael Brodkorb case, the Star Tribune reports.

Rep. Sandra Peterson, DFL-New Hope, is retiring.

Three environmental groups kick off a campaign to educate Minnesotans about copper-nickel mining.

The Minnesota Supreme Court reversed the conviction of a mother found guilty of killing baby.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak has hired League of Minnesota Cities lobbyist Jennifer O’Rourke to be his Chief of Staff.

Rep. Keith Ellison and his Republican opponent, Chris Fields, debate federal assistance for North Minneapolis after a tornado hit the area last year.

A federal funding change has put broadband expansion on hold.

In Washington

The U.S. Secret Service director apologized for a prostitution scandal that played out in Columbia last month.

Sen. Al Franken is among Democrats who are backing a bill that would update laws about equal pay between men and women.

The U.S. Senate Race

The PoliGraph says Rep. Kurt Bills’ health care law claim leaves out key details.

The Presidential Race

Mitt Romney laid out his plans for education and defended his record at Bain Capital in a speech Wednesday.

Romney promoted school vouchers in his speech.

Romney surrogate Tim Pawlenty defended Romney’s time at Bain.

Obama’s attacks on Romney’s Bain experience could damage Obama’s ability to fundraise among wealthy Wall Street donors.

Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling says Romney has an advantage in Arizona, a state President Barack Obama has been eyeing.

Romney promised 6 percent unemployment.

Obama gave the commencement address at the Air Force Academy, where he challenged the idea that America’s influence is waning globally, the Washington Post reports.

Obama’s campaign is redoubling fundraising efforts.

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  • Ralph Crammedin

    Romney surrogate Tim Pawlenty defended Romney’s time at Bain.

    2 days after it was posted, that Pawlenty video on YouTube shows a total of 4 views. FOUR VIEWS! Isn’t it time for you MSM types to recognize that the only people interested in what failed-Governor Tim has to say are you MSM types?