Pawlenty to close remnants of national political operation

WASHINGTON – Having long ago dropped out of the Republican presidential race, Tim Pawlenty is now bidding adieu to what’s left of his national political organization.

The former Minnesota governor is closing the political action committee he used to launch his failed presidential bid. In a letter to the Federal Election Commission, the treasurer of Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC said the organization “has essentially been dormant” except for minor expenses related to winding the committee down.

The news was first reported by Politico.

Pawlenty was among the first candidates to enter the Republican presidential primary and used the Freedom First PAC to develop his political organization and pay for travel. He ended his campaign after a disappointing third-place finish in the symbolic Iowa straw poll in August.

Since leaving the presidential race, Pawlenty has endorsed the now-presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney, and has served as Romney’s surrogate in the national media from time to time. Romney’s supporters helped Pawlenty pay off his campaign debt.

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