Ron Paul to address state GOP convention

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul will speak at the Minnesota Republican Convention in St. Cloud on May 18.

Having the Texas Congressman speak “will highlight our common Republican purpose of restoring limited government and individual liberty by electing Republican candidates who believe in those core party principles,” said Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Pat Shortridge.

“It will also establish the Republican Party as the growing party that is welcoming new people and new ideas and preparing to be a long-term, conservative governing majority,” Shortridge said.

Paul is scheduled after the conclusion of the U.S. Senate endorsement, according to a party statement.

Paul’s Minnesota supporters are already expected to be well represented at the convention. That could help Rep. Kurt Bills, R-Rosemount, as he seeks party endorsement to challenge DFL incumbent Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Bills endorsed Paul earlier this year, and Paul returned the favor.

Bills’ opponents Dan Severson and Pete Hegseth have been playing up Bills’ association with Paul. The two say that Bills and Paul’s anti-establishment politics are out-of-step with most Republicans, and that Bills won’t be able to beat Klobuchar in the general election as a result.

  • I wonder if Kurt Bills will openly embrace him, or push him away. At first he was proud to show how he was a Ron Paul endorsee and sounded just like him. But as this US Senate endorsement moved on, he has backed away from Ron Paul, his policies, and his campaign. The Ron Paul campaign is causing some waves in the MNGOP one could say.

  • Minnesota Mary

    AAA, you make a statement about Kurt Bills backing away from Ron Paul, but you don’t provide any proof. Are you perhaps a Hegseth or Severson supporter trying to hurt Kurt Bills?