Nolan invites Cravaack to fishing opener

Eighth District congressional candidate Rick Nolan has asked Rep. Chip Cravaack to accompany him to tomorrow’s fishing opener.

Nolan’s invitation is a jab at the fact that Cravaack’s family recently moved to New Hampshire.

“It occurred to me that since Chip is not from Minnesota originally, and has since moved his family to New Hampshire, he might not be aware that tomorrow is the fishing opener,” Nolan said in an e-mail. “He also might now be aware how important fishing is to us up here. So if there is any chance he is actually in the district this weekend, I would be delighted to take him out fishing with my family and let him get a true Minnesota-experience on the lake.”

After facing critics who said he didn’t spend enough time in the district, Cravaack has stepped up his efforts to meet with constituents.

Nolan recently won the DFL endorsement to run against Cravaack, but still faces a primary challenge from Tarryl Clark and Jeff Anderson.

  • Juan Freeman

    Nolan will be wiping the egg off his face after Cravaack’s huge announcement today!!!

  • Juan Freeman

    BTW – Nolan’s attack on Chip’s family’s residence apparently makes him a liar. At one of his meet & greets he stated to a participant he was not going to make residency an issue. Seems to make the “L” in DFL stand for Liar. Cravaack was adamant about not making Oberstar’s million dollar home in Maryland an issue; because it wasn’t one. Chip has a home in North Branch which he uses when he is in district, which averages out to 16 days a month. He’s not there a lot simply because he is out traveling the very large 8th, overnighting in motels.

  • Juan Freeman

    Today at Nitti’s Hunters Point resort on Mille Lacs lake Congressman Cravaack held a fishing opener presser:

    Cravaack: Exercise state sovereignty & return Mille Lacs Lake to Minnesotans

    Legislation addresses job creation & burdensome, administrative overreach by the U.S. Coast Guard

    Isle – Today, at Nitti’s Hunters Point Resort on Mille Lacs Lake, U.S. Representative Chip Cravaack (MN) announced he will introduce The Mille Lacs Lake Freedom to Fish Act. Specifically, this legislation regards Minnesota’s state sovereignty, job creation, cutting federal red tape, and strengthening Minnesota’s outdoor fishing tradition.

    Citing a 30-year old analysis, the U.S. Coast Guard has assumed federal authority over certain activities on Mille Lacs Lake. Currently, the U.S. Coast Guard is forcing all fishing guides, mostly college students, to spend time and money to obtain a federal boating license to bring fishermen out on Mille Lacs Lake. This license and associated costs put fishing guides on the hook for over $2,000.

    “This new Coast Guard regulation, being funded at taxpayer expense, is taking a toll on the Mille Lacs Lake resort-based economy and is making fishing more expensive. I plan to introduce legislation next week that will remove this over-regulation and keep Mille Lacs Lake under Minnesota control,” said Rep. Cravaack. “I appreciate all the Coast Guard does, but the DNR already patrols Mille Lacs Lake. The Coast Guard’s authority over the lake is an intrusion; it’s redundant, excessive, and duplicative.”

    In March 2010, the U.S. Coast Guard ruled that Mille Lacs Lake was a federally navigable body of water, based on historical interstate commerce. Specifically, the Coast Guard justified its overreach by using a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ruling, which maintains that because fur traders and lumberjacks utilized the Lake and the Rum River in the 1700s and 1800s, the lake is deemed a federally navigable water body.

    The Rum River is currently dammed at Anoka, and the last log floated on the Lake was in 1904.

    “The bottom line is the cost the federal government is imposing on obtaining the TWIC license for maritime workers and the six-pack certification for captains. Less control from the federal government on Mille Lacs Lake is a good thing. By federalizing the licensing process, jobs are being taken away. Although I have a Masters License, at my age I’m doubtful I could obtain the licensing due to the cost of the coursework,” said George Nitti, Owner of Nitti’s Hunters Point Resort.

    Rep. Cravaack added, “The state has rules and inspection procedures in place to keep its residents safe and is perfectly capable of enforcing boating laws. Ultimately, Mille Lacs Lake belongs to Minnesotans and should not be controlled by federal government bureaucrats. My legislation will stop fishing guides from being forced to spend over $2000 to obtain a license they don’t need and end the Coast Guard’s intrusive overreach into Minnesota’s great fishing tradition.”

  • Cynthia Johnson

    Really? This is the most important thing Cravaack can do with his time? How about taking the lead to pass the now expired Violence Against Women Act to protect women and vulnerable adults? Or, leading the charge to fully fund special education for our most vulnerable children?