GOP releases alternate stadium plan

Republican leaders in the Minnesota Legislature say they’re moving forward with an alternative stadium plan that borrows state general fund money to pay for the state’s portion of a stadium with no roof.

Republicans wouldn’t say how much the state would borrow, how the bonds would be financed or what the state would pay for in terms of infrastructure. But Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers said the plan has more support among Republicans than the stadium agreement reached by the Vikings, a bipartisan group of legislators and Governor Dayton.

“This is yet another plan,” Zellers said. “As I said all along, before you know what plan hits the floor, it’s actually too early to say, but in concept I do think this is a good idea based on how much member support it has.”

The plan would also require a super majority to pass because it would be included in a public works bonding bill. Vikings lobbyists say they oppose the idea.

Governor Dayton and DFL legislative leaders also criticized Republicans for not voting on the stadium bill that is already before the House and Senate. Several Democrats said they believed Republicans were trying to “kill the stadium bill” for the year.

“This is some kind of an endgame gimmick,” DFL Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk said. “I expect that they probably are going to throw this Hail Mary out there and probably plan to go home. This will be the largest do-nothing Legislature in state history.”

  • Adam

    Why is the word “plan” in the headline? There is no plan here. There’s a half-baked attempt to avoid looking responsible for not getting a stadium deal done.

    They don’t now what they would pay for, what it would cost, or how they would finance it. That’s not a plan.