Dayton vetoes tax bill

DFL Governor Mark Dayton today vetoed a package of tax breaks for businesses that he described as “unbalanced” and “fiscally irresponsible.”

Dayton vetoed the omnibus tax bill less than a day after it landed on his desk. He said he wanted to get the bill out of the way so it would not be used as a bargaining chip on other remaining issues, including Monday’s House vote on the Vikings stadium bill.

Republicans called the bill their priority for the session. Dayton said he had heard the veto might cost him some stadium votes, but he said that should not be the case.

“I hope that legislators will separate the issues and see that what they’re deciding next Monday is whether thousands of Minnesotans will be able to go to work and whether we’ll be able to keep the Vikings here at home,” Dayton said.

Dayton said he’s willing to negotiate an alternative tax bill with Republicans, as long as it doesn’t add future debt.


Senate Republicans issued a news release in response to Dayton’s action. Majority Leader Dave Senjem, R-Rochester, said the veto was “extremely disappointing.”

“It was a political decision, not a decision based upon the future best interests of Minnesota,” Senjem said. “This bill was passed with bipartisan votes in both the House and Senate and it addressed concerns raised by the Governor. Sadly, the Governor chose to kill more real jobs than the bonding bill and the stadium bill will contribute to Minnesota’s economy.”

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