Cravaack claims airport ground security “a joke”

WASHINGTON – While airport terminals may be full of government security screeners asking passengers to remove their shoes and empty their bags, security out on the tarmac where aircraft are parked is “a joke” said U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack at a Capitol Hill hearing on Wednesday.

In making the assertion, Cravaack, a Republican and former Northwest Airlines pilot, cited worried calls from sources inside the airline industry who contacted him. Turning to Transportation Security Administration Assistant Administrator John Sammon, Cravaack asked, “Would it surprise you, sir, if I told you that several people — both pilots and ground personnel — have told me the security around the aircraft, coming from outside sources, is a joke?”

A recent report by the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General reinforced Cravaack’s claims, arguing that many airport security perimeters are insufficient and that the security clearance process for airport workers is ineffective. Wednesday’s House Homeland Security Committee hearing also comes after the arrest of a security supervisor at Newark Airport who was an illegal immigrant who had worked under a false identity for 20 years.

Here’s the video.

  • Fisher1949

    This agency is just a jobs program for the unemployable. They are indifferent to public opinion and consider their repeated harassment of innocent citizens a measure of success. They use the excuses of unpredictable procedures and sensitive security information to conceal rampant misconduct and mismanagement and offer Congress and the public hollow promises

    TSA is so accustomed to boldly lying to Congress that they no longer show any discomfort doing this. Incredibly, no lawmaker has had the courage to hold them in contempt of Congress or withhold funding for the agency.

    Honesty is a quality in short supply in the Nation’s Capital, yet TSA has managed to distinguish itself as a one of the most accomplished liars among a world class cast of contenders. Until Congress and the public demand that TSA adopt sensible and civilized security procedures it will continue to be a morass of corruption and criminal behavior..