Bachmannn endorses Romney

Minnesota Congresswoman and former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has said all along she would support the eventual Republican nominee, but waited until today to formally get on board with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

She will be with Romney in Virginia today.

Bachmann’s Congressional re-election campaign released this statement announcing her endorsement.

“This November, Americans will be at the polls with a serious choice- they can vote for more of Barack Obama’s transformation of America, with more joblessness, higher energy prices, fewer opportunities for our children, more government controls, bailouts, and failed economic policies, or they can vote for a new vision of prosperity and liberty. I’m honored to announce that today, I am endorsing Governor Mitt Romney for President of the United States, a man who will preserve the American dream of prosperity and liberty.

“We’ve had a hard fought battle already to choose a candidate. Being personally involved in the endorsement process was an honor for me. And I want to thank everyone involved in the campaigns, from the candidates, the delegates, the volunteers, all of us can be proud of our efforts.

“This is the last chance we have to keep America from going “forward”, over the cliff, as Governor Romney said, and restore the values of prosperity and freedom. This is the opportunity for conservatives, independents, and disaffected Democrats to join me and Governor Romney in denying Obama a second term. On November 6th, the only option is Mitt Romney for President.”

Bachmann left the presidential race after a dismal showing in the Jan. 3 Iowa Caucuses. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty endorsed Romney within weeks of ending his presidential campaign in mid-August. Pawlenty ended up paying off his presidential campaign with help from Romney family members and associates.

According to Federal Election Commission records Bachmann’s presidential campaign still owed more than $1 million as of the end of March.

Bachmann’s DFL challenger in the 6th Congressional District, hotelier Jim Graves, has been trying to make an issue out of Bachmann’s presidential campaigning, saying she has ignored Minnesota. He used the Romney endorsement to note that rather than being in Virgina, he will be campaigning in central Minnesota today.

“I will be a full-time Representative for our district,” said Graves. “While her freewheeling comments have made her a national media phenomenon, they have not added one net job to the 6th District,” added Graves. “In Congress, I will create jobs that pay a living wage, and I have the job-creating record to prove it.”

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