Bachmann is also a Swiss citizen

Staffers for Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann are confirming a Swiss television news report that Bachmann is now a citizen of Switzerland. Bachmann’s congressional spokeswoman Becky Rogness said Bachmann now enjoys dual citizenship with the US and Switzerland.

“Congresswoman Bachmann’s husband is of Swiss descent so she has been eligible for dual-citizenship since they got married in 1978,” said Rogness. “However, recently some of their children wanted to exercise their eligibility for dual-citizenship so they went through the process as a family.”

Bachmann represents Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District and is seeking re-election to a 4th term following a failed GOP presidential campaign. Bachmann’s critics have accused her of neglecting her Minnesota constituents in favor of promoting broader ambitions.

Here’s the Swiss TV interview. In it, a reporter tells Bachmann she’s technically able to run in Switzerland. “As you can see there’s a lot of competition behind me,” Bachmann says indicating a group of men, who laugh, “..and they’re very good.”

  • Per Jorgen Olafsen

    With Norwegian parents, Michele Marie Amble, married Bachmann, could probably also have applied for Norwegian citizenship …

  • HPV Vacine

    Good, now let’s revoke her US citizenship and kick her out of here. She’s annoying and worthless.

  • Swiss_Dude

    Welcome to Switzerland, Michelle.

    We were the first to give free heroin to addicts 18 yrs. ago (it worked: less druggies, almost no drug related crime). We speak four languages from four different cultures, and no big problems. We don’t have problems with gays and lesbians. We haven’t been in any wars (well, that’s down to luck) for more than 150 years. Freedom of worship is in the constitution, and enforced. Separation of state and religion is complete: No non-science in our schools. We have mandatory healthcare for everyone, and at the highest standards.

    But as they say, and that does not exclude us: the percentage of idiots is the same all the world over. In this sense: Welcome again.

  • R U Kidding

    The United States does not recognize dual citizenship by LAW. There’s also that little oath thing about upholding the Constitution of the USA and not having any conflict of interest with another country – you have to pledge allegiance when you take a citizenship. You’d think a Congressperson would know that.

    The only thing more clueless than Bachmann is the electorate that voted her into office.

    The kids could have taken citizenship just using their father. Clearly, with this unnecessary and unethical move, Bachmann appears intent upon bolting to a “neutral country” with her millions after she and her friends are done raping the USA – before the peasants revolt.

  • Calm Down

    Strange choice for someone with her ambitions, but not outright unethical. And certainly not illegal.

  • John

    I think you did a stupid thing in getting the Swiss citizenship. It looks bad and you should step down from congress. I wish you no bad will , but I think congressional members should be a citizen of only America.

  • Susie

    I thought America was the most bestest and most smartest country that Jesus gave the planet Earth? What use would a loyal America-lovin’ patriot have for citizenship in some socialist wasteland in (hurk) Europe?!

    Why does Michele Bachmann hate America?!

  • Tom

    There is hope. Please leave!

  • Tom

    Please go and leave us alone.

  • Anna

    Secret Swiss bank accounts.

    At last accounting she had over a million in outstanding campaign debt. If husband’s business is in the tank due to recent bad publicity (and no equity in that business), large mortgage on an underwater home (bought before collapse), and who knows how much student loan debt the kids have . . . .

    Time to get out for the Bachmanns ?

    Leave the keys on the kitchen counter.

  • BobN

    Now, what would Candidate Bachmann say about an opponent who did such an “elitist” thing???

  • Anna

    This looks like playing a “get out of jail free” card.

    How long has she had this in her back pocket?

  • David Norris

    Wonderful. Bachmann wants to spread her message of fear and bigotry throughout the rest of the world now?

  • Jim Shapiro

    We’re missing the flamboyant elephant in the room: Switzerland has same sex civil unions. It’s an opportunity for Marcus to come out of his fabulous closet and finally be true to himself.

  • Betty Seelhammer

    Now Michelle and family can use the National Health care of Switzerland and be against ours. She really thought that one through and it is a bit self serving!

  • Former 6th district

    I lived in her district for years and when she ran for president I was embarrassed to be from minnesota and to be a woman. Thankfully someone else is able to claim the nut. I think we just give her to Switzerland!

    BTW..Bachmann’s ‘6th district’ no longer exists. We went through a re-districting. Bachmann now lives in the 4th district, but thanks to Mn law she can run for the new district 6, half of which belonged to an entirety different district.

  • Steve Clem

    Dear Michelle,

    I’ll miss you! xoxox


  • Karen Ross

    She is a insider! OMG What is so bad in our future that she is moved to get the hell out.

  • Bugboy

    So,,,now we know where the family brain trust has gone missing to? A secret vault in Switzerland?

    Then again, isn’t there some kind of conflict of interest to holding office while holding dual citizenship? Just saying…

  • Kensington

    One respondent wrote, “Bachmann now lives in the 4th District, but thanks to MN law she can run for the new District 6, half of which belonged to an entirety different District.”

    That’s not MN law, that’s in the U.S. Constitution. Congressional representatives do not have to live in the same district they represent, they only has to live in the same state.

  • Peter W. Frey, Switzerland

    What in the world did we do wrong that we’re being punished in such a cruel way?

  • Troy West

    Since when did getting married to someone from another country give you the right to dual citizenship? I was born in Germany and got my U. S. Citizenship in 1966 when my Mom got hers. I served 20 years in the Navy. I am not allowed to have dual citizenship as I swore allegiance to this country. She needs to either renounce U.S.A. citizenship or the Swiss one.

  • VanG

    We don’t care about your dual citizenship. Hurry up and leave

  • Marian

    Welcome to the country that still steel money from the poor to give to the rich, supports dictators and tax frauds. Abuses children and fathers, does not offer women equal pay even though it’s a must in the constitution. Made and sold ammunition to the Nazi’s and only gave women the vote in the late 1970s, has one of the highest suicide rates in the world along with one of the worst human rights records in the developed world. She should feel very much at home. Switzerland is not what it may seem from the outside.


  • Beth

    Michele, welcome to the ‘Chocolate’ Republic of Switzerland. Switzerland is perceived to be ‘Whiter than White’ but the reality and the truth is as follows: 1) Switzerland is the most sophisticated dictatorship in the world, 2) In every Swiss there is a policeman/woman, 3) The first love of the Swiss is MONEY, 4) Every Swiss is a petty politician and 5) In Switzerland, the rule of man/woman prevails and not the rule of LAW…! Michele Bachmann will fit in perfectly well into the Swiss society, indeed welcome to the Chocolate Republic…! Beth

  • Beth

    Peter W. Frey of Switzerland, My dear you need to wake up and be a little objective (little difficult to do if you are a Swiss – I understand) and make a true assessment of your Country, People, Society, Culture, Swiss Administration, Swiss Politicians, Swiss Bankers, Swiss Justice / Judiciary and all the BOGUS so called World Associations / Organisations based in Geneva, claiming to do good for the poor of the world, while all their employees earn extraordinary tax free salaries, have exceptional living standards and their kids enjoy private schooling and so on… Furthermore, consider how the cantons of Valais and Ticino function – even the Sicilian Mafia and the Colombian Cartels like the Medellín cartel have much to learn from Switzerland and such cantons…! The American Jews claiming reparations some years ago certainly exposed the Swiss – do you remember…? Your comments are rather naïve to say the least, but totally understandable if your a Swiss…!