The Polo Caucus

Two term Republican Rep. Mark Murdock, Ottertail, hasn’t had the highest profile career of recent years in the Minnesota House. But he’s well known at the Capitol — for bucking the unofficial dress standard on the House floor. He’s rarely seen in anything button-down, let alone a jacket.

Murdock, of Ottertail, isn’t seeking re-election. So as the session winds down, some of his House colleagues decided today to pay him an appropriate tribute by donning Murdock’s customary polo shirt for today’s floor session.

2012-04-17 10.21.06.jpg

“I guess there’s probably 25 or 30 of us with polo shirts on,” said Murdock, in the center, with the black polo shirt on above. “You know, I’ve worn them for four years. I think I’ve worn my suit six times here. State of the State and swearing in and that kind of stuff. And I’m just, I’m not a formal kind of guy. Back in my district, they see me in short pants and a golf shirt. I was told I couldn’t wear short pants when I came here, so I gave that up.”

And in a few short weeks, he can have them back.

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