The Daily Digest (Gov says wait til’ next year on Vikes, Tax bill talks continue, Mineral lease rights decision delayed)

Gov. Dayton and GOP leaders are trying to hash out a tax deal. They met privately three times on Tuesday and are hoping to find a way to craft a deal that will end the session.

Gov. Dayton says the Vikings stadium issue may be done until next year.

Vikings lobbyist Lester Bagley suggests “there is no next year” when asked about the stadium.

MPR also does a little sleuthing to see which DFL lawmaker backed off his commitment to support the stadium.

The Mesabi Daily News reports that the six-month delay in mineral leasing rights will continue, possibly until the council meets next June 6.

The Game and Fish bill hit a snag in the Minnesota Senate.

The Senate Ethics Committee deadlocks over a complaint against GOP Sen. Geoff Michel (Again!).

AP says there are questions as to how the Senate is paying the outside counsel that is advising the Senate GOP on legal matters related to a suit by Michael Brodkorb.

ALEC ends a committee that supported the “Stand your ground” bill.

The Senate expands the types of consumer fireworks for sale.

I-35E toll lanes zoomed ahead in the Senate.


The Washington Post says there may have been as many 21 women involved in the Secret Service scandal.

President Obama wants greater oversight of world oil markets.

The Senate is debating a bill that would help rescue the U.S. Postal Service.

The Senate backed off a plan to vote on a budget.

House Republicans use an arcane maneuver to tack the Ryan budget plan onto another piece of legislation.

Catholic bishops criticize the Ryan budget for cutting food stamps.

The Senate Ethics Committee issues guidance on the STOCK Act.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen supports a $46 billion tax cut to small businesses.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison testifies on racial profiling.

Race for U.S. Senate

Republican Kurt Bills will announce his legislative leadership team at a morning news conference. Here’s the list of legislative endorsements that he’s been handing out at conventions.

Race for Congress

Politico says the DCCC is aiming to spend $32 million on ads after Labor Day (including $2.9 million in the Twin Cities market).

The Star Tribune says money is pouring into the 8th District race.

Race for President

An aide to Mitt Romney has turned her focus on finding Romney’s running mate.

Romney warns of the “vast left-wing conspiracy.”

Several environmental groups intend to back President Obama.