The Daily Digest (College affordability summit, Democrats bullish on 2nd District, Farm Bill in trouble)

Gov. Dayton holds a news conference this morning where he’s expected to veto the Voter ID legislation. The move is ceremonial, however, since governors can’t stop a proposed constitutional amendment from going on the ballot.

Dayton also holds a discussion with DFL Sen. Al Franken and University of Minnesota president Eric Kaler to discuss college affordability.

The Legislature has the week off for the Easter/Passover Break.

The Pi Press has a look at what the Legislature has accomplished to date.

On Friday, a Minnesota judge tossed Gov. Dayton’s executive order that allowed for in-home day care providers to vote on whether to unionize.

The Mayo Clinic is pushing for a tax break for lab research.

Minnesota doctors want a share of health funds.

Groups say the House Environmental bill rolls back key protections.

The GOP has been shrinking from union battles in the Midwest.

Stand your ground laws coincide with a jump in justifiable homicides across the country.

Several OccupyMN protesters were arrested.


MPR says the Farm Bill faces an austere future.

Federal funds to train the jobless are drying up.

GOP Rep. John Kline wants to change the federal job-training programs.

The U.S. and Afghanistan signed a deal on night raids.


The U.S. economy added 120,000 jobs last month.

Fed economists disagree over claims that construction jobs are worse off than other jobless.

Race for Congress

Democrat Jim Graves, who owns the Graves 601 hotel, will announce on Tuesday that he’s running against GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Democrats say GOP Rep. John Kline is weaker in the 2nd District.

A New Hampshire news outlet takes a look at GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack’s home in New Hampshire.

Race for President

Republican Super PACs are gearing up to aim an ad blitz at President Obama.

The GOP Superdelegates say it’s over. Mitt Romney will win the nomination.

Romney huddled with conservative leaders in DC this week.

Newt Gingrich says he’s still in the race but Mitt Romney is the likely nominee.

There has been no love lost for Rick Santorum in his home state.

Final thought

RIP Mike Wallace

  • Regarding the increase in “Stand Your Ground” justifiable homicides, how should this be put in context ?

    If you read the PolitiFact analysis using Florida data, it indicates a murky response. Gary Kleck, a professor of criminology at Florida State University, has researched how the FBI and police departments define justifiable homicide, said :

    “Increases that sharp are probably due to some artificial cause like a shift in how people are defining events. It’s possible nothing actually changed in frequency except police departments increasingly defined homicide claimed to be defensive as a justifiable homicide.”

    As I recall, Minnesota law enforcement officials expressed concerns, but Tony Cornish -at that time a citizen legislator and Police Chief of Lake Crystal (albeit an extremely small town) – sponsored the bill and rejected their concerns.

    IMO, Minnesota had it correct when the Conceal-and-Carry license had to be approved by the County Sheriff …. Tony Cornish and the rest of the legislators who supported these changes started the ball rolling on this … yet admittedly, the problems have been very infrequent … but they could have been even fewer if they had not removed the Sheriff approval stage.