The Daily Digest (Voter ID one step from ballot, HMOs to return $73m to MN, Romney sweeps)

A proposed constitutional amendment to require people to present photo identification to vote is one step away from going to the voters in November. The House passed the measure late last night. The body took up the bill at 10pm. The Senate, which is expected to take up the measure today, is expected to pass it.

Gov. Dayton said he’ll work to defeat the amendment.

MPR has a look at how Voter ID has worked in other states.

Political committees have emerged on both sides of the Voter ID fight.

Under the Dome

Gov. Dayton signed a bill into law that would protect charities from liability for fraudulent donations.

Minnesota’s HMOs are going to return $73 million to the state.

A legislative panel is split over recommending a new U of M Regent.

MPR says Iron Range Resources is lacking financial oversight.

The fishing season is heading for an earlier opener.


With one eye on Mitt Romney, President Obama ripped the budget put forward by the House GOP.

The feds are accusing an Arizona sheriff of negotiating in bad faith.

A federal judge is hitting back at President Obama’s characterization of the judiciary’s power over striking down federal laws.

President Obama will sign the STOCK Act today. DFL Rep. Tim Walz will be in attendance.

Race for Congress

The DFL has set its sights on GOP Rep. John Kline’s seat.

Race for President

Mitt Romney won the Wisconsin primary.

He also won primaries in Maryland and Washington D.C.

Rick Santorum is headed to Pennsylvania.

Final Note

Sara Tiedeman died on Tuesday. She died from injuries caused when a drunk driver crashed into her car. Her husband, political strategist Chris Tiedeman, is still recovering from severe injuries.

  • Paul

    Please tell me what’s wrong with this teaser:

    “The DFL has set its sights on GOP Rep. John Kline’s seat.”

    I realize that the Star Tribune used the gun-violence reference, but it really doesn’t need to be further perpetuated by the likes of MPR.

    Thank you.

  • Tom Scheck

    Thanks for the comment. People set their sights on many things. For example, I set my sights on the flagstick on the golf course but usually miss.