Stadium Stalled as Tax Talks Continue

The chair of the Senate Tax Committee has not scheduled a hearing on the Vikings stadium issue. Sen. Julianne Ortman,R-Chanhassen, said yesterday that she wanted to hold a hearing in her committee on the bill.

Ortman, who said she’s not a “big fan of stadiums”, hasn’t scheduled a hearing on the bill yet. She told reporters that she’s unlikely to hold a hearing on the stadium until Republicans reach a deal with Governor Dayton on an overall tax bill.

“I wouldn’t call it hostage taking but you know we post hearings when we’re ready to have the hearings,” Ortman said. “We have staff that are working really hard on putting together an omnibus tax bill and arranging for conference committees and we can only do so much at any time so that’s what we’re working on right now.”

The Senate Tax Committee will be the last stop for the bill before it heads to the Senate floor for a vote. The House is set to vote on the bill, but Republican Speaker Kurt Zellers wouldn’t say when the vote will happen.

Update: Ortman scheduled a Friday hearing at 3pm on the stadium bill.

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    it will get done dont worry