Senjem cancels Sunday stadium vote

The top Republican in the Minnesota Senate has canceled plans for a rare Sunday floor session to take up the Vikings stadium bill.

Majority leader Dave Senjem said the Sunday session is no longer needed because the attention has now shifted to completing a bonding bill and tax bill before the end of the 2012 session, which could be as soon as Monday.

“The whole focus now is on a tax bill, and we’re going to stay on that,” Senjem said. “If we can move through that with some success we can start thinking about the stadium. But Right now, our goal is certainly the tax bill, and secondarily if we can make some progress with the governor’s office on the bonding bill.”

Senjem said he was disappointed that there were no negotiations with DFL Gov. Mark Dayton on Saturday. He said House and Senate negotiators planned to wrap up a tax bill over the weekend, with or without Dayton’s input. Senjem said the full Senate could vote on the bill Monday.

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