Political committees emerge on both sides of voter ID

With a constitutional amendment to require photo identification at the polls all but certain to be on the ballot this fall, outside groups are lining up campaigns both sides of the issue.

ProtectMyVote.com was registered with the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board on March 27.

ProtectMyVote.com will be spearheaded by Minnesota Majority’s Dan McGrath. His organization has long supported voter ID rules.

McGrath wouldn’t give many details, but said there’s already been some fundraising behind the effort. He said to expect more once the House and Senate approve the voter ID conference committee report.

There’s another Dan McGrath in Minnesota who will be working to oppose voter ID. He leads TakeAction Minnesota, a liberal grassroots organizing group, which is bringing together a range of organizations to fight the effort.

“We’re all in the process of fashioning together one overarching campaign and TakeAction Minnesota is certainly going to play a big role with it along with a lot of unions, a lot of non-profits, a lot of service providers, a lot of homelessness groups,” TakeAction Minnesota’s McGrath said.

McGrath wouldn’t name the groups, but he added they’ll be launching a formal campaign within days.

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