Pawlenty terminates presidential campaign

The former Republican governor announced in August that he was no longer running for president but it took him eight months to officially end his campaign.

Pawlenty filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission this week indicating he erased his campaign debt and terminated his campaign committee.

Pawlenty incurred nearly a half a million dollars in debt last fall. Since leaving the race, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney has been helping Pawlenty whittle away at his obligations. By last month the amount was down to $17,500.

“It was truly an honor to run for President of the United States,” Pawlenty said in a statement. “Mary and I will be forever grateful to the many supporters who inspired and sustained the campaign. I am also glad we were able to pay all campaign debts and wind down the campaign properly.”

Pawlenty was once considered a top-tier candidate for president. But his failure to excite the Republican base and his third place finish in the Iowa straw poll doomed the campaign.

Pawlenty has been actively campaigning for Romney’s campaign for president.

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