On Meet the Press, Bachmann praises Romney

Rep. Michele Bachmann, a former candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, says she is “very seriously looking at an endorsement for Mitt Romney.”

Bachmann, who left the race in January a day after she lost the Iowa causes, has said previously that she would get behind the eventual nominee.

In an interview on Sunday’s Meet the Press, Bachmann had much praise for her former opponent, Romney.

She defended his wife, Ann, against comments made earlier in the week by Democratic pundit Hilary Rosen. Rosen said that Ann, a stay-at-home mom who raised five children, had “never worked a day in her life.” She’s among Democrats who argue that Romney has trouble connecting with female voters.

For her part, Bachmann said Rosen’s comments were “shocking and insulting.”

Bachmann also praised Romney’s professional record.

“Mitt Romney is an extremely smart guy,” Bachmann said. “He’s been extremely successful in creating jobs in the private economy.”

Romney’s campaign “has a very optimistic message” compared to President Barack Obama’s, Bachmann said.