NFL commissioner, owner coming to MN

Gov. Mark Dayton says National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell and Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney ll are coming to Minnesota tomorrow to meet with state officials and try to impress upon them the importance of getting a stadium deal done now. Rooney is the chair of the league’s stadium committee.

Dayton said he talked with the two on the phone again today and that they told him that the VIkings situation in Minnesota was unacceptable.

“The situation is really way below their standards,” Dayton said. “It’s an antiquated stadium. It’s not something that they would want to have, to carry forward into the future. And the reality is that there are other cities that are looking for an NFL franchise. Again, its putting us on notice, and it was very justified what they said.”

He also said they rebuffed his suggestion earlier this week that a deal could still be done next year. Dayton said the prospect of a new Legislature and winding through four more months of talks next year left too much uncertainty for the league and the team.

Dayton also said he put the chances of calling a special stadium session later this year “somewhere between extremely slim and extremely none.” He said that since the Legislature isn’t constitutionally required to adjourn before May 21, there was still plenty of time for the team, the state and a local host to hash out the details of a deal.

  • Chuck

    When thinking about this issue, let’s all try really hard to remember that the team and the stadium actually create profit for the state. Let me say this again, THE TEAM AND THE STADIUM CREATE PROFIT FOR THE STATE. Funding the stadium is an INVESTMENT, along the same lines of buying bonds. This stadium and the team are not a luxury, they pay for themselves and then bring in more money on top of that.

    Before criticizing how the public never sees gains of a stadium, remember again, THE TEAM AND THE STADIUM CREATES PROFIT FOR THE STATE. If the funds brought in aren’t spent wisely by the State, that is not the Vikings’ fault.

    If you’re a business owner, and you have an employee that brings in a lot of money for your company, far more than you spend on him/her, but you as the owner spend the money foolishly and put the company in debt, then it is not the employee’s fault and it is extremely unwise to get rid of that employee, it is the business owner’s fault. For those of you who don’t understand this analogy, the employee is the Vikings and the owner is the State of MN.

    On top of that, there are thousands upon thousands of jobs created by the stadium and the team and all the associated businesses connected to it either directly or indirectly.

    If you consider yourself fiscally conservative and you don’t back the stadium, I’m sorry, but you are a hypocrite. Look at the actual facts behind the stadium and the benefits, not just the fact that it requires money spent.

  • Capital

    Chuck, can you please cite the studies that show that the stadium will be profitable? Without a credible source, your post is just an opinion.

  • Chris Gordon

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The state is deep in debt while the team owners are billionaires, the players are millionaires. Their is a lack of money in our state for schools, lack of money for infrastructure maintenance. Health care is being cut for those most in need. There are thousands in this state who go to bed hungry each night. We the people do not have the money for this stadium but the players and the stadium owners do. These are the reasons we do not want to pay for a football stadium. If THE TEAM AND THE STADIUM CREATE PROFIT FOR THE STATE, why don’t the Wilfs, Goodell, Rooney II, and the millionaire players all chip in and buy themselves a money making playing field. Why do you need us to chip in for your stadium? How dare the NFL commissioner come to Minnesota and bully our elected officials to buy the NFL their next money making stadium. This is corporatocracy at its finest.