Ellison raises $232K, Walz brings in $217K

WASHINGTON – Members of Congress and those who want to replace them face a midnight deadline tonight to report their fundraising for the first three months of the year to the Federal Election Commission.

Among the weekend filers are DFL U.S. Reps. Keith Ellison and Tim Walz.

Ellison’s re-election campaign brought in more than $232,000 while Walz’s raised more than $217,000. Ellison, who represents Minneapolis, reported having $133,000 in the bank while Walz, who regularly faces tough challenges by Republicans in southern Minnesota, had about $708,000 cash on hand and has raised more than $1.2 million in this election cycle.

Fifth District Republican Chris Fields won his party’s endorsement to challenge Ellison in November over the weekend. Fields reported raising a little more than $10,000 last quarter and has less than $5,000 on hand.

In the 1st District, Allen Quist and state Sen. Mike Parry are vying for the GOP’s endorsement next weekend to take on Walz. Quist’s campaign reported raising $37,000 and has more than $59,000 in cash. His campaign is also $25,000 in debt. Parry brought in more than $17,000 and has $36,000 to spend with no debt.

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