Bachmann endorses Quist days before GOP convention

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is endorsing fellow Republican Allen Quist in the 1st Congressional District race to determine who will run against Democratic Rep. Tim Walz.

Quist, a former state representative from St. Peter, is competing with state Sen. Mike Parry of Waseca for the GOP endorsement. First District delegates meet Saturday in Mankato to take up the endorsement question.

The Quist campaign released parts of a letter Bachmann sent to delegates expressing her support for him.

“You should support Allen because he is someone you can trust,” wrote Bachmann, “and I don’t have to tell you that trust is a rare commodity in today’s political world.”

Quist and Parry both say they will abide by the endorsement and drop out of the race if the other wins the endorsement.

  • Marriage

    Let’s not forget that Michele’s District Director Julie Morse Quist, yes, that’s right, is Allen Quist’s wife.

    And, of course, Allen was a Bachmann brand before the Bachmann brand even existed. It’s probably why they get along so swimmingly.

  • SunSponge

    Bachmann and ‘trust’ in the same sentence??? LOL!