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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where voter ID is headed to the Senate floor, Brodkorb files a gender discrimination claim with the EEOC, and Romney secures a big endorsement.

Around Minnesota

The proposed constitutional amendment that would require people to present photo identification when they vote will be debated on the Senate floorFriday.

Rep. Keith Ellison’s claim about voter ID highlights uncertainty about the proposed constitutional amendment.

A Senate tax bill reduces business property taxes. The bill would require Gov. Mark Dayton to decide on spending cuts to make up for lost revenue.

The Minnesota House passed a tax bill that would cut the statewide business property tax.

The Mall of America wants their tax break extended.

The Senate State Government Committee will hold a hearing on a bill that pulls immunity for legislators.

Michael Brodkorb filed a gender discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, an entity that will determine if Brodkorb can pursue a lawsuit in federal court.

The New York Times profiled Minnesota’s right-to-work debate.

In Washington

A House panel approved the House Republican budget plan.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison rolled out an alternative to Paul Ryan’s budget.

The U.S. Supreme Court has sided with the Mayo Clinic on a case involving patents on medical tests.

Rep. Michele Bachmann used the two-year anniversary of the new health care law, which she opposes, to raise cash.

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius will be in Minnesota Friday to promote the health care law.

The House Republicans’ campaign committee is criticizing Rep. Chip Cravaack’s DFL challengers for their support of the health care law.

Sen. Al Franken is among Democrats pushing for a new Super PAC law.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar wants clamp down on oil speculators.

A Gallup poll shows that Congressional job approval is flat at 12 percent.

President Barack Obama is touring the nation to promote his “all of the above” energy agenda. Republicans have been hammering Obama on high gas prices.

He said the southern portion of the Keystone pipeline should be expedited.

The Associated Press find that there’s no statistical correlation between gas prices and domestic drilling.

On the Campaign Trail

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush endorsed Mitt Romney a day after Romney won the Illinois primary. Donors are drifting to the Romney camp as well.

Meanwhile, FreedomWorks, a tea-party supporting group, no longer opposes Romney’s campaign for GOP presidential nominee, the Washington Post reports.

Romney aides say to expect more high-profile endorsements soon, according to the New York Times.

After losing the Illinois primary, Rick Santorum is cultivating Pennsylvania, his home state, in hopes of winning its primary.

Santorum spent $100,000 on his sweater vests at Bemidji Woolen Mills.

Never have I heard the phrase “Etch a Sketch” uttered so many times in the same day.

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