The Daily Digest (House passes Voter ID, Delegation reacts to Ryan budget, Bonding bill starts moving)

The Minnesota House passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would require people to present photo identification to vote. Republicans say it will protect the system. Democrats say it will disenfranchise voters and keep the issue in the courts for years.

The Senate Rules Committee holds a hearing on the measure today.

Under the Dome

Fox9 is reporting that former Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb is taking his case to federal court.

Steve Sviggum, a spokesman for the Senate Republican Caucus, said the chair of the Senate Ethics Committee had hoped to hold a hearing on the complaint against GOP Sen. Geoff Michel on Tuesday night but Democrats said the timing didn’t work. Sviggum said they’re hoping to hold the hearing as quickly as possible.

Gov. Dayton and the Legislature are aiming to fix some of the problems caused by the Health and Human Services budget.

House Republicans are proposing to borrow $500 million for public works projects. The bulk of it, $221 million, will be to restore and renovate the State Capitol complex.

Tidbit: Republicans in the Senate will release a plan within the next week.

Republicans in the Minnesota Senate puts forward a plan to start paying back the K12 school shift.

The push to get the so-called “Right-to-work” amendment on the ballot appears to have fizzled out.

$2 million in Legacy Funds will pay to build barriers to prevent the spread of carp.

DEED is touting the success of the Angel Investment tax credit in Minnesota.

Vikings Stadium

The Star Tribune says the stadium plan would give the public less if the team is sold than what the Twins deal does.


House Republicans released their budget plan. The plan would let future seniors determine whether they want Medicare or a private health insurance plan. It also lowers the corporate tax rate.

Here’s where Minnesota’s delegation stands on the plan.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson said the plan means there’s little chance for a Farm Bill this year.

The plan has a perilous future.

Attorney General Eric Holder says the Justice Department is committed to preventing bullying in schools, including bullying and harassment based on sexual orientation.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to force a vote on a bill to curb insider trading in Congress.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann was in Israel over the weekend and met with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu.

Race for President

Mitt Romney won Illinois.

The Washington Post’s Dan Balz says there is still a long road ahead.

Payday lenders rally for Romney’s super PAC.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann says the GOP has to “unify quickly.”

Romney raised $18 million in February.

President Obama’s fundraising slipped from 2008.

Tim Pawlenty shaved off some of the debt from his presidential campaign.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Fox9 is reporting that former Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb is taking his case to federal court.

    Irony doesn’t get much better than this. The GOP (party of ‘family values’ and ‘personal responsibility’) hires a political hit man, and pays him with state dollars. The hit man has regular sex with the GOP Senate Majority leader, though both are married to others. The GOP first covers it up, then fires him. He sues for employment discrimination, and the taxpayer foots the bill for the whole mess. So remind me again, why do we allow Republicans to run the state legislature?