The Daily Digest (Brodkorb threatens to expose sexual affairs, Stadium bill on life support, First Lady in MN)

Former Republican Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb says he’s willing to expose sexual affairs between other Senate staffers and lawmakers to show that he was wrongly fired in December, when Koch resigned her post. Brodkorb’s attorneys announced the plans for a lawsuit at a Thursday morning news conference.

Here’s a primer on the case.

Under the Dome

House Republicans have passed a bill that would dip into the state’s rainy day fund to pay back part of the K12 shift used to balance the state’s budget.

The Pi Press has a look at a bill that would require hospitals to disclose their “futility policies.”

The GOP dropped its plan to raise transit fares.

The $1.2 million marketing program for the Central Corridor has been put on hold.

Rate payers are asking why they have to pay for executives at Xcel Energy’s frequent corporate jet costs from Colorado to Minnesota.

The state’s definition of a gang member will be revised.

Vikings Stadium

Today is the deadline for legislation to clear at least one policy committee. The stadium bill isn’t on the docket in any committee in the House or Senate.

The Pi Press says the stadium bill is stuck in the Senate.


The soldier accused of killing 16 Afghanistan civilians saw his friend’s leg blown off the day before the attacks occurred.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson says the next Farm Bill could help flood retention efforts in the Red River Valley.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann says she’s trying to get a seat to the Supreme Court’s hearings on the federal health care law.

Race for the Legisalture

GOP Rep. John Kriesel is retiring after one term.

Race for President

President Obama released a campaign film as an organizing tool.

First Lady Michelle Obama will raise money for the campaign at a Minneapolis fundraiser. She will also hold a discussion about the needs of military families.

AP says there are signs of financial stress for the Romney campaign as the campaign continues to drag on.

Rick Santorum said Puerto Rico should adopt English as the official language if it wants to become a state.

AP does a fact-check of the statements made by the presidential candidates.

Vice-President Biden ripped the GOP candidates during a speech in Ohio.

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