The Daily Digest (Vikings stadium bill gets a hearing, e-pull tab numbers questioned, Zellers doesn’t commit)

The Vikings stadium bill gets its first hearing today in a Senate committee. The committee is expected to take quick action on the bill.

The hearing comes as MPR reports that individuals charities are questioning the rosy numbers that are being promised as a result of electronic pull-tabs.

MPR has a look at GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers and his reluctance to take a position on the stadium.

Stadium opponents in Ramsey County are still pushing for a referendum request.

Under the Dome

GOP Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem and DFL Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk will be on MPR’s The Daily Circuit at 11am.

The House Ways and Means Committee approved the Voter ID constitutional amendment.

Lawmakers and students are weighing the costs of college maintenance and construction.

GOP Rep. Mark Buesgens is proposing to use Legacy money to restore the State Capitol. Gov. Dayton told reporters on Monday that he prefers using money from the bonding bill for the restoration.

DFL Rep. Tom Rukavina and GOP Rep. Pat Garofalo spar over taxes and spending.

Republicans are pushing a 25 cent transit fare hike.

Bills to disclose malpractice data gets scaled back.

The bill that would keep the state parks open in the event of a government shutdown is headed for a Senate vote.

A Senate committee approves legislation that would raise fishing and hunting license fees.

AP says barbers and beauticians get snippy over striped poles.

Legislators are losing their taste for a wellness campaign.

The I-35W bridge engineer will lead the Stillwater bridge project.

A northern Minnesota lawmaker wants quicker approval for a Magnetation plant.


Stocks rallied on Tuesday.


15 of 19 banks pass the Federal Reserve’s stress test.

College students push for a freeze on student loan rates. GOP Rep. John Kline said it would “be a disservice to the taxpayers.”

Race for President

Rick Santorum swept Alabama and Mississippi on Tuesday. Mitt Romney placed third in both states.

Despite the setback, Romney maintains that he picked up more delegates.

President Obama’s campaign manager plays the underdog card in a fundraising e-mail.

Mr. Obama’s polls are on a roller coaster.

Obama’s super PAC raised just $2 million.

Acknowledging difficulties, the AFL-CIO endorsed Obama.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    College students push for a freeze on student loan rates. GOP Rep. John Kline said it would “be a disservice to the taxpayers.”

    GOP Rep. Kline’s scheme for doubling student loan interest rates is a Republican two-fer. It’s an assault on public education, and an attack on students from lower and middle income families. The GOP’s 1% bosses appreciate Kline’s military efficiency in waging war on the middle class.