Stadium supporters say Minnesota will lose money without it

The Minnesota Vikings aren’t the only ones suggesting they’ll leave town if they don’t get a new home.

Stadium boosters say a host of other marquee events would also skip Minnesota without a new stadium.


“If we can’t get the stadium deal done and the Vikings organization leaves Minnesota, it would be a serious loss for our entire community,” said Richard Davis, CEO and president, U.S. Bank , in a release from Home Field Advantage, a coalition of stadium boosters that released a favorable poll last week.. “The loss of an NFL franchise would have a negative effect on our economy and our future ability to grow and attract jobs.”

The group says there would be an additional $55 million in ongoing revenue from the Vikings alone, including $35 million in hotel, bar and restaurant spending, $12 million in taxes and $5 million for the Mankato area when the Vikings are in training camp.

Critics have long alleged that much of that money would be spent anyway — by other visitors or on Minnesotans on other forms of entertainment.

The VIkings are looking for a new $975 million home where the Metrodome now stands.

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