Lobbying expenses top $59 million in 2011

The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board released a report that detailed the spending on lobbying of the Minnesota Legislature and the Dayton Administration in 2011. The Board reports that $59 million was spent to influence the Legislature and the Administration.

Business groups lead the spending. Xcel Energy spent $2.3 million, the most of any organizations. The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce spent $2 million, the Minnesota Business Partnership spent $980,000. Minneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians, a group fighting a moratorium on new radiation treatment centers in Minnesota, spent $900,000. The Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities, which represents mostly rural cities, and the Minnesota AFL-CIO, a coalition of labor unions, spent $820,000 each.

Update: An official with the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities says they made a reporting error to the Campaign Finance Board. They say they will submit an amended report that says the group spent $460,000 on lobbying in 2011.

You can read the full list here.

  • John Lauber

    I was surprised that there was no amount listed for the Minnesota Vikings. Judging from the amount of publicity regarding the team’s efforts to foist a football stadium on the state, I would have expected there to be a sizable figure in the column for 2011. Why was there no listing? Does anyone know how much was spent on this endeavor?

  • http://zaetsch.blogspot.com eric z.

    My question, who in that list is doing the lobbying for sulfide mining on the cheap, in Northeast Minnesota? The world does need copper for commerce, but on the cheap and without an escrow of many millions in case the mining firms fold and leave a mess; that is the problem. If it can be done cleanly enough, at all, under any circumstances – there need to be protections.

    The comment about Viking spending, much of it is PR, but still, much has to be lobbying. Or are there loopholes you can drive a truck through?

    There was a situation reported out of Stillwater, about the bridge promotional effort. $80,000 wrongly spent by the city as a donation to lobbying, something like that. Karl Bremer had posts about it Sept – Nov 2011, I remember, on his “Ripple in Stillwater” blog. Was that an attempted loophole effort that failed, when caught?