Gruenhagen defeats Shimanski in endorsement battle

Rep. Glenn Greunhagen, R-Glencoe, has won an endorsement battle over Rep. Ron Shimanski, R-Silver Lake.

“Ron Shimanski has conceded,” McLeod County Republican Party Chair  Eric Harpel announced on Twitter

Harpel reported on Twitter that Shimanski conceded the race after Gruenhagen was close to winning the endorsement. Gruenhagen secured support from nearly 60 percent of the delegates at the convention on the second ballot.  

This is the first endorsement battle between paired incumbents. Shimanski and Gruenhagen both said they wanted to continue to serve and decided that they would let the delegates decide who should represent the Republican Party in November.  

Shimanski currently chairs the House Judiciary Policy and Finance Committee. Gruenhagen is currently serving in his first-term in the Minnesota House.

There is one other endorsing convention today that features two incumbents.

Rep. Frank Hornstein, DFL-Minneapolis, and Rep. Marion Greene, DFL-Minneapolis are vying for their party’s endorsement today at a convention in Minneapolis. The contest is still going on.

Update: There are reports on Twitter that Greene has conceded the endorsement battle to Hornstein.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    The Senate Ethics Committee is deadlocked over how to handle an ethics complaint against GOP Sen. Geoff Michel.

    Democrats are crying foul after the chair of the Senate Ethics Committee abruptly canceled the hearing on Friday night.

    First, Senator Michel covered up the Koch-Brodkorb affair. Now Senate Republicans are trying to cover up the cover-up. Eventually, the tale of how GOP corruption and hypocrisy created this sordid mess will spill out in court. But that will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Republicans have had their chance to run Minnesota. They’ve failed miserably. It’s time for a change.