Gillaspy retiring as state demographer

Tom Gillaspy will become one of the statistics that he carefully tracked next week when he retires as Minnesota State Demographer.

Gillaspy steps down Tuesday after more than 32 years of public service. He was the state’s chief source of demographic data and analysis since 1979. A news release today from the Department of Administration said that Gillaspy’s tenure as state demographer spanned six governors and four national censuses.

“It’s been quite an interesting and fun time,” Gillaspy said. “We’ve seen so many demographic changes and all these changes have affected programs and budgets and have had a big impact on the state. There have been ups and downs, and lots of challenges, but it’s always been interesting.”

The release said Gillaspy’s plans for retirement include regular speaking engagements, consulting work and a teaching position at the University of Minnesota. Susan Brower will take over as state demographer.

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