Dayton revises electronic pull-tab plan

Governor Dayton says he’s revising his stadium plan to try to encourage charities to sign on to the use of electronic pull-tabs.

The stadium plan uses revenue from electronic pull-tabs to finance the state’s $398 million dollar share of the stadium. Dayton said today that he wants give the state’s charities an annual tax break of $10 million because earlier officials with the charitable gambling industry said their costs were so high they were unlikely to use electronic pull-tabs. Dayton said he wanted to respond to their concerns.

“The kind of increase that they’re going to have in bottom line profits is very significant,” Dayton said. “But one of my axioms in politics is that more is never enough. So you think more satisfies people and you find it just whets their appetite for more.”

King Wilson, executive director of Allied Charities of Minnesota, said he was working with the Dayton Administration on the proposal but he had concerns that the tax break wasn’t large enough.

“If the number is $10 million, I don’t think that gives us the reform and relief we need that will make it work,” he said.

Dayton’s announcement comes on the same day he’s meeting privately with the four legislative leaders to discuss the stadium.

The bill is scheduled to be formally introduced on Monday. Update: You can read the bill here.

Here are some of the documents put forward by Gov. Dayton’s office:

3.9.12 Charitable Gambling Proposal

3 9 12 Gaming 2

  • Peter T

    The plan is not out yet but needs revisions already – the BIG question, however, is who pays if the electronic pulltaps don’t bring enough revenue? Gambler’s preferences change over time, and what is hot today can be cold tomorrow. I’m highly doubtful that we won’t get asked to pay for the shortfall.