Bachmann asks Obama for public signing of Stillwater bridge bill

WASHINGTON – With the bill authorizing a new bridge over the St. Croix River awaiting President Obama’s signature, Michele Bachmann wants a public signing ceremony to celebrate the long-delayed project.

“A signing ceremony would send a strong signal of the bipartisanship on this issue in an often partisan process,” said Bachmann in a written statement. The St. Croix River bill is also the biggest piece of legislation Bachmann has helped pass during her three terms in the U.S. House.

According to Bachmann’s office, the bill arrived at the White House on March 6th, after passing the House on March 1st and President Obama has until March 17th to sign the legislation into law.

According to UPI, President Obama hasn’t held an official bill signing ceremony since early February, when he signed former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ last piece of legislation into law. Some Republican lawmakers have grumbled that the relatively few ceremonies Obama has held are an electoral tactic to play down the GOP’s legislative accomplishments.