Court panel pairs Bachmann, McCollum in new 4th District

The panel charged with drawing the state’s new political boundaries made few changes to the new Congressional map. The plan pairs DFL Rep. Betty McCollum with GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and creates an open seat in Minnesota’s 6th District. Every other incumbent is protected. The big question is whether Bachmann decides to run in the 4th District or in the 6th District.

Bachmann has a round of interviews scheduled this afternoon to respond to the new maps.

Bachmann’s staffers tell MPR News that Bachmann has decided to run in the new 6th District and not take her chances in the 4th District. They note that she’s not required to live in the district and didn’t say whether she’ll move into the new 6th District.

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  • Chris

    Walz must be looking at how they carved up Rice County and thinking, “They couldn’t have given me Northfield? What the…?”