Caucus night prime time to talk same-sex marriage ban

Thousands of Minnesota voters are expected to show up at Tuesday night’s caucuses, and groups involved in three potential changes to the state’s constitution are using the events to organize for election efforts involving a same-sex marriage ban, changes to union rules, and voter identification requirements.

Minnesota Majority, a group that backs the ballot initiative that would ban same-sex marriage, is asking supporters to incorporate a resolution in favor of the amendment into their party’s platform.

The group is also asking caucus-goers to add voter identification requirements and language that would cut into the power of unions.

Lawmakers have introduced legislation that would put both those issues on the ballot this fall.

Minnesota for Marriage is asking its supporters to sign-up fellow voters in support the same-sex marriage ban. The group is providing “supporter pledges” for the event.

Meanwhile, Minnesotans United for All Families, a group that opposes the same-sex marriage ban, is looking for caucus night recruiters to talk caucus-goers into opposing the amendment.

  • What % of a total population must a minority be before restricting that minority classifies a state as not free? .001%? .01? .1%? 1%?

  • Curt

    I really think calling their group “Minnesota Majority” is a bit of wishful thinking. Is there really a majority of Minnesotans, that think establishing discrimination as a part of our state constitution is the right thing? Is it time for a constitutional amendment restricting religious groups and bigots from enforcing their beliefs on the people of Minnesota?

  • Chris

    I do hope we’ll hear whether the GOP asks for photo ID from their caucus participants.