Bachmann ditches long-time staffer

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s former chief of staff, Andy Parrish, is looking for a job. Parrish told MPR News, “The congresswoman felt it was time for a new direction,” and that he, “didn’t fit into that plan anymore.”

Parrish served as Bachmann’s congressional chief of staff before moving to her presidential campaign. He had worked for Bachmann since her initial campaign for Congress in 2006. Parrish helped orchestrate her Iowa Straw Poll victory last summer. Parrish said despite his departure he considers Bachmann, “a close personal friend.”

Bachmann has a history of staff turnover.

She dropped out of the Republican presidential race in early January after a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses. Bachmann has said she will run for reelection to Congress this year. According to Federal Election Commission records, as of the end of 2011, Bachmann’s campaign committees were about $450,000 in debt.

  • A history of staff turnover to say the least. Don’t know the cause but the impression is that MB may run the show in the “My way or the highway.” Certainly not the Regan model of finding good managers and letting them manage.

    It is also interesting that her campaign has ended up about $450,000 in debt after a deficit spending last quarter of 2011 of about a million dollars according to FEC filings for that period (see ) . I guess deficit spending is off limits to the federal government but ok if you want to be president , or at least run for the nomination. What is with that contradiction.

    Of course she tried to sell the snake oil that she can be the big unifying force for the country and she won’t vote to extend the debt ceiling , except for her campaign. Video of her beginning of her run for R’s nomination is here

    She is a work.

  • Jim Bendtsen

    Intelligent voters in CD6 are THRILLED to have her back running for Congress to represent us!! I’m looking forward to working and voting for her.

  • Johnny Bombay

    She is a very weak stick. Her as POTUS you have got to be kidding, she is not even a decent congress person.

  • Dan Conner

    The most appropriate word I can think of to describe Michelle Bachmann is SLUG! She is psychotic and an embarrassment for Minnesota.

  • HopeforAmerica

    Time to Ditch Bachmann !!!!