The Daily Digest (POTUS hits reelection themes, Bumpy start to session, Dome sweet Home for Vikes?)

President Obama used his State of the Union address to tell Congress and the American people that fast action is needed to ensure the American dream remains. The speech touched on several themes that you’ll hear throughout the 2012 election.

President Obama also targeted Congress for failing to act on important issues.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels delivered the GOP response. He blamed the problems in the economy on Mr. Obama.

The Washington Post says other Republican criticism varies in tone.

Several Minnesota lawmakers reacted to the State of the Union. MPR and KARE have looks.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on Fox News to react to the State of the Union. She said she’s in regular contact with the GOP candidates for president but said she’s not ready to endorse anyone.

Under the Dome

The 2012 Legislative session began with everyone emphasizing common goals. Those pledges lasted roughly an hour in the Minnesota Senate. A partisan fight broke out after Senate Republicans voted on an internal Senate budget that cut 12-14 staff from the DFL minority. No Republican staff will lose their jobs.

Dayton’s speech at the MN Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Dinner was less confrontrational than last year’s. He cracked several jokes and urged cooperation to build a better business climate.

The Legislature won’t be in session today. Lawmakers will be attending the One Minnesota event at the U of M.

Vikings Stadium

Gov. Dayton meets with Vikings ownership today to discuss the stadium. On Tuesday, he said the only viable option this session is to pass a stadium plan that rebuilds on the Metrodome site. He said he wants the Legislature to hold an up or down vote on the stadium this session.

Vikings owner Mark Wilf and GOP leaders won’t commit support for the Metrodome site.

Charley Walters with the Pi Press says Zygi Wilf has reluctantly accepted the Metrodome site.

Minnesota Polling

A Public Policy Polling survey of Minnesota finds that DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar has high approval ratings and has a clear lead over her GOP opponents.

Tidbit: One theme Republicans intend to hammer Klobuchar over is the Senate’s failure to pass a budget. It’s been more than 1,000 days since the Senate took such action.

The poll also found that Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty have upside down approval ratings in their home state.

Here’s the full poll.

Race for President

Mitt Romney released his last two sets of tax returns and it finds that he makes more than $20 million a year. His tax rate is also less than 15 percent paid by most middle class Americans.

Romney’s surrogates say Newt Gingrich has to come clean on his lobbyist record.

A Super PAC backing Gingrich hammers Romney in a new ad. The group bought $6 million in ads in Florida.

Ron Paul’s Super PAC hits Gingrich in a new ad.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels delivered the GOP response. He blamed the problems in the economy on Mr. Obama.

    Well stated. Mr Daniels also blamed the President for global warming, frappucino prices, and the leap second dilemma. This is the Republican agenda, one part Voodoo Economics and two parts whining. Saints preserve us if they get control of the rest of government.