The Daily Digest (Dayton releases bonding bill. Another conflict of interest for Sviggum? Big day for stadium?)

Gov. Dayton released a $775 million bonding bill. He argues that it will create thousands of jobs. Republicans criticized the plan but appear to be moving closer to their own bill.

DFL Sen. Keith Langseth says Dayton didn’t include enough money for flood protection in his proposal.

The St. Paul Saints are renewing their push for a new stadium.

The proposal would build a water pipeline for the Lutsen ski resort.

A new program to protect water quality lacks details.

GOP Legislative leaders will be on MPR’s Midday today at 11.

Tidbit: House Republicans will release their so-called Reform 2.0 proposal on Thursday.

The University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents will review whether Regent Steve Sviggum has a conflict of interest by accepting a job as spokesman for the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus.

Politics in Minnesota says DFLers in the House and Senate are working to block a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Vikings Stadium

Get ready for another day of Vikings stadium talks.

Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission Chair Ted Mondale says they are not cooking the stadium books.


It appears that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will face a recall election. Roughly 1 million signatures have been collected and submitted.


CNN says election year politics will be in Congress’ path this year.

Hundreds of protesters were arrested at Occupy Congress protests.

Some of your favorite websites may be shutting down today to protest SOPA. Here’s a good explainer of what the proposal would do.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar is doing an economic tour of the Iron Range.

Race for Congress

The labor unions are targeting GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack in radio ads.

Nancy Pelosi says she hopes Democrats can snag 35 seats in November.

Race for President

BuzzFeed got its hands on John McCain’s 2008 opposition research book on Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney says he’s probably taxed at 15 percent – much lower than what most Americans are taxed at.

Politico says Romney has a toxic tax problem.

Romney continues to hold a double digit lead in South Carolina.

President Obama will accept the Democratic nomination in Charlotte’s 74,000 seat football stadium.

Sarah Palin said she’d vote for Newt Gingrich if she lived in South Carolina.

Gingrich calls Romney’s time at Bain Capital as “exploitive.”

Rick Santorum is defending himself by attacking his critics.

Rick Perry is defending his criticism of Turkey.

The Washington Post says GOP rivals reap the benefits of Super PACs.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    The widely held perception that Mitt Romney is completely out of touch with most Americans is reinforced when he says his more than $362,000 in speaking fees is “not very much.”

  • Paul

    Re your teaser line “Hundreds arrested at Occupy Congress”… the actual headline in the linked WP article is “Handful arrested…”

    I often notice careless typos and grammar in these digests… this one is certainly the worst. I do wish you’d do a better job of proofing what goes out.

  • Chris

    Why are Walker’s opponents submitting the petitions at a point when they’d likely get a recall scheduled for the middle of summer? Wouldn’t it make more sense to time this so the recall would coincide with the November election, when Democratic turnout is going to be highest, and where they could spend their resources on a coordinated effort?