Tax credit key to Dayton jobs plan

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton says he wants to give Minnesota businesses a $3,000 tax credit every time they hire some who is unemployed.

The proposal credit, which is the centerpiece of Dayton’s jobs plan for the 2012 legislative session, would also apply to the hiring of veterans and recent graduates. Dayton says the plan is aimed at getting thousands of Minnesotans back to work. During a Capitol news conference today, Dayton said he also had a plan top pay for the new tax credits.

“We pay for that by closing some of the corporate loopholes to offset the $35 million price,” Dyaton said. “It would put over 10,000 Minnesotans back to work, and I think that’s a very good deal for Minnesota.”

Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers said he supports the governor’s goal but not his approach. In a news release, Zellers said Dayton’s plan spends money without addressing critical reforms that businesses want, such as reduced regulations and a more competitive tax climate.

  • Paul Felix Schott

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