Poll: Obama leads Romney and Gingrich in Minnesota

WASHINGTON – Minnesota has given its electoral votes to Democrats in every presidential election since 1972, and at least so far it looks like 2012 might stick to that pattern. A new poll shows that President Obama has a commanding lead in Minnesota over his two most likely rivals for the Republican nomination.

The latest Public Policy Polling survey of 1,236 Minnesota voters shows that Obama leads former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, drawing support from 51 percent compared to 41 percent for Romney. Obama leads former House Speaker Newt Gingrich 54-39 percent. The president also leads former Sen. Rick Santorum 52-40 and Texas Congressman Ron Paul 51-38.

PPP notes that Obama’s support has declined since the firm last surveyed Minnesota voters in May 2011. The firm is considered Democratic-leaning but has a reputation for accuracy.

While Obama has begun to visit potential battleground states and his campaign has also begun to purchase ads in those states, this latest round of polling suggests Minnesota will remain a peripheral part of the presidential campaigns this year.

You can see more about the poll here.

  • Mark D

    This poll is Flawed, How can anyone take a survey by phone when half the people that are Unemployed can not afford a phone and the other half have cell phones only? Good News today,, 48,000 more people Qualified for Food Stamps Today! I want more of that.

    Go Obama!