Dayton prepares for bonding bill, speech

Gov. Mark Dayton announced today the date for the release of his proposed bonding bill and the tentative date for his state of the state speech.

During a news conference, Dayton said he plans to unveil his bonding proposal on Jan. 17, which is a deadline required by statute. Dayton said his proposed list of public works projects is almost complete, and it would total $775 million in borrowing.

“There are just a lot of good projects,” Dayton said. “More good projects than there are available resources, but that’s not uncommon. I think it’s a very strong set of proposals. It will provide several thousand jobs for people around Minnesota and makes some really necessary and important in investments in infrastructure around the state.”

Dayton wants to deliver his second state of the state address on Feb. 15, in the House chamber. He’s proposing to break from tradition and give the speech at 7:00 p.m., rather than midday. Dayton said the schedule for the speech is still tentative until House leaders agree.

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