The Daily Digest (Majority Leader election scheduled, More details on Brodkorb’s firing, Impasse in Congress)

Republicans in the Minnesota Senate will pick a new majority leader on Dec. 27.

MPR News has a few more details on Michael Brodkorb’s firing.

AP does a national takeout on the Koch matter.

Dayton declined to address Koch’s situation to WCCO. He did, however, criticize Republicans for making a “sanctity of marriage argument.”

Today’s Senate Rules Committee hearing was canceled. It was meant to address the Senate budget.

Under the Dome

MPR says the director of the LCCMR has been fired by the Legislature, sparking anger from the members who are on the environmental review board. Several board members say the board, not the Legislature, can fire the person.

The Star Tribune takes a look at the disagreement over how integration aid should be used in schools.

Minnesota continues to put together a plan that aims to reduce the spread of Asian carp.

KSTP says GOP state Sen. Mike Parry wants MnSCU should reform contracts to capitol payouts.

Vikings Stadium

Fox 9 says Gov. Dayton has set a new deadline to see the best offers on the stadium front.

Ramsey County approved a search for stadium architects.


House Republicans are exchanging barbs with the White House and the Senate over the payroll tax cut extension. They declined to pass the Senate version of the bill on Tuesday.

The payroll tax dispute caused a split between House and Senate Republicans.

Minnesota’s U.S. House members are bemoaning the payroll tax standoff.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann missed the vote because she’s campaigning for president.

The Wall St. Journal characterized the disagreement as the “GOP’s payroll tax fiasco.”

The Army Corps of Engineers sent a flood diversion plan for the Red River Valley to Congress.

Congress passed legislation that would allow for members of the military to get faster airline screening. GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack authored the bill.

Race for Republican Party Chair

Pat Shortridge is running for the post.

Kelly Fenton is open to running for the post.

Mike Osskopp is no longer running for the position.

Race for President

President Obama’s poll numbers are rising nationally.

Politico and CNN are reporting that the Iowa Family Leader’s Bob Vander Plaats has GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann to quit.

Bachmann’s campaign denies that Bachmann was asked to quit to MPR News but rather “merge with another candidate.”

Vander Plaats backed Rick Santorum on Tuesday.

Mitt Romney criticized President Obama. Newt Gingrich alleges a smear.

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