The Daily Digest (Unemployment benefits at stake, Vikings could get NFL loan, Federal shutdown possible)

Unemployment leads the Digest today. In particular, the length of unemployment benefits for laid off workers. The state is set to release its November job numbers this morning. MPR says if the numbers fall below 6.5%, roughly 14,000 Minnesotans will lose benefits.

The Star Tribune says the benefits of thousands of others will be at the mercy of whether Congress decides to extend the benefits.

AP has a look at what Congress is considering when it comes to jobless benefits.

Day Care fight

MPR takes a look at the experience of other states that implemented similar unions.

The PoliGraph says GOP Rep. Torrey Westrom’s claim on day care unions misses the mark.

Under the Dome

The House GOP unveils the 2012 legislative schedule. A Senate spokesman says they may not be in agreement with that timeline.

Olmsted County lawmakers tell the public to keep their bonding priorities in check.

A Minnesota prosecutor says he intends to drop a sexual assault charge against a man pardoned under former Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Former GOP state Rep. Tom Emmer says he’s a victim of “political bigotry” after he alleged Hamline University pulled a teaching position from him.

Stateline has a good look at the backlog of inspections and other functions that have been created by budget cuts and the bad economy.

A new CDC report reveals new info on the frequency of sexual violence in Minnesota.

Local government budgets

MPR says St. Paul will raise its property tax levy. The Star Tribune says Minneapolis ended a decade of levy increases.

MPR says local governments are looking for efficiencies in light of cuts.

MPR also says budget cuts are forcing local governments to look at changes to policing as well.

Vikings Stadium

NFL owners push for the Vikings to get a new stadium.

The NFL is also ready to loan the Vikings $200 million.

MinnPost takes a look at how much property taxes could drop if a Vikings stadium deal (with Target Center update).


PolyMet says its permit reviews may be a few weeks late.

St. Louis County’s support for the PolyMet copper mine has stalled.

MNGOP Race for Chair

Some politicos, including GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers, Laura Brod and Marty Seifert, have endorsed Brandon Sawalich’s bid for chair.

Forum Communications has this profile on MNGOP Deputy Chair Kelly Fenton.


President Obama spoke on the end of the Iraq War. Listen to his speech here.

The federal government has started shutdown preparations as funding talks continue.

The Senate GOP thwarts an effort to put a quick vote on the House payroll tax cut.

The White House dropped its veto threat after lawmakers rework detainee provisions.

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan will release a new Medicare plan that keeps the traditional option.

A new report says half of U.S. public schools fail to meet the federal No Child Left Behind standards. GOP Rep. John Kline is mentioned.

The U.S. is probing cell phone tracking.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison pressures Lowes on American Muslim ad decision.

Race for President

Bloomberg takes a look at how President Obama’s campaign is using software developers to help wring out more votes for Obama.

There is a debate tonight. The Des Moines Register calls it “the most two important hours of the campaign for Iowa.”

MPR says conservative Republicans are looking for a leader.

Politico wonders whether Newt Gingrich is taking Iowa seriously enough.

RealClearPolitics says Gingrich’s shaky campaign structure is starting to show cracks.

AP says Gingrich’s website mentioned his three wives.

Mitt Romney, who is worth $190 million, told CBS News that Newt Gingrich a very wealthy man.

The New York Times says Romney is taking a new tact by attacking the surging Gingrich.

The National Review helps Romney’s cause by ripping Gingrich.

The Washington Post says Ron Paul has made himself a political force.

Gingrich and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann divide the Tea Party in South Carolina.

Bachmann and Rick Santorum are exchanging swipes.

Bachmann, Santorum, Gingrich and Rick Perry discuss how they’d limit abortion.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Former GOP state Rep. Tom Emmer says he’s a victim of “political bigotry”

    Last week, top Republican Michael Brodkorb declared Tom Emmer “toxic” and GOP ex-chair Tony Sutton assigned Emmer big blame for the Republican million dollar debt.

    This week, when Hamline University comes to the same conclusion (having Tom Emmer around is bad for business), Emmer and Minnesota Republicans suddenly see Emmer as a victim. The hypocrisy never ends at the Republican Circus of Minnesota.