The Daily Digest (Dayton to appeal child care ruling, Huntsman in MN, Payroll tax cut fight continues)

Gov. Dayton will contest a judge’s child care unionization ruling. The next hearing is on Jan. 17.

MPR says a flap over who controls office space in the State Capitol could derail the Capitol renovation.

The Star Tribune says state is investigating a dementia unit after “a male resident with dementia had sexual contact with six female residents.”

Testing suggests DNA from Asian Carp may be north of the Coon Rapids Dam.

MPR says the DNR is considering a land exchange within the BWCA.

Some arts groups are upset with the grant process at the State Arts Board. Officials with the board say they are being more specific because of greater scrutiny.

A power line project to Dakota County cleared a final regulatory hurdle.

Vikings Stadium

The Minneapolis City Council grilled Mayor R.T. Rybak’s stadium plan.

The Pi Press says the Metropolitan Spots Facilities Commission disputes the notion from the Vikings that the Metrodome is a financial drain.

Same-sex marriage ban

AP says the campaign finance board created a major loophole when it comes to disclosure spending on the ballot initiative.

Gov. Dayton will raise money for Minnesotans United for All Families, which opposes the amendment, on Dec. 12.


President Obama ripped Senate Republicans for rejecting his pick to head a Consumer watchdog agency.

Lawmakers grilled former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine on MF Global bankruptcy. DFL Rep. Collin Peterson is mentioned.

Iran gets a hold of a top-secret drone.

AP takes a look inside the CIA’s secret prison in Romania.

A missing FBI agent sent out a video saying “Help me.” It isn’t known who is keeping the former agent hostage.

The Senate rejects the Democratic proposal to cut the payroll tax.

House Republicans also released their plan for the payroll tax cut extension.

GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor also blocked DFL Rep. Tim Walz’ bill that bans insider trading in Congress.

Walz believed he had enough votes to pass it.

GOP Rep. John Kline and GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack were named to the conference committee to hash out the defense bill.

The EPA connects fracking to water contamination.

The House Judiciary Committee grills Attorney General Eric Holder on the fast and furious issue. CNN reports it was a contentious hearing.

The House votes to ban synthetic drugs that mimic marijuana.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar wants to extend tax credits for biofuels.


AP says 23 nations agree on a new treaty to save the euro.

Virginia Tech

Two people were shot and killed at Virginia Tech.

MNGOP Chair Race

Brandon Sawalich tells MPR News he’s going to talk to friends, colleagues and advisers over the weekend about running for MNGOP Chair. He said he’ll decide by Monday.


Alabama GOP leaders are rethinking the tough, new immigration law.

Special Interests

Former GOP gubernatorial hopeful Tom Emmer will head the MN Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Race for Congress

A new Gallup poll says 76% of those polled don’t think most members of Congress should be reelected.

Race for President

President Obama shot back at Mitt Romney’s “appeasement” criticism by asking if Osama Bin Laden thinks Obama has “engaged in appeasement.”

Romney opens up an attack on Newt Gingrich.

Romney’s Super PAC also ripped Gingrich in a new ad.

Former MN Rep. (and now lobbyist and Romney backer) Vin Weber comments to the National Journal on Gingrich’s management style. Former GOP Lt. Gov. candidate Annette Meeks, who worked for Gingrich, is mentioned. Key line: “The whole office sounded like Fargo.”

Jon Huntsman holds a fundraiser in Minneapolis today.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann won’t attend Donald Trump’s debate. That leaves a lot of room for the two confirmed candidates, Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

Bachmann’s campaign manager released a new strategy video.

The DNC hits Romney on his political career.

Iowa’s Secretary of State will back Santorum.

Rick Perry is going to launch an Iowa bus tour.

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