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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where a vote on child care unionization is put on hold, MPR takes a look at the GOP party shake-up, and Reuters reports Romney spent $100,000 to replace the computers used during his governorship.

Around Minnesota

The state’s Republican party is trying to pull together after a major staff shake-up, MPR reports.

Former Republican State Representative Marty Seifert told the Marshall Independent he has “zero interest” in leading the state’s Republican party.

A Ramsey County judge blocked a vote to unionize day care workers.

A separate Minnesota court ruled that banning those who have committed a violent crime from owning guns doesn’t violate the Constitution.

The state’s farmers have been burned by the collapse of a major commodities trading firm, reports the Associated Press.

Gov. Mark Dayton spoke to the state’s counties.

Dayton wants the Crystal Sugar labor dispute talks to resume.

Tim Pawlenty has been appointed to Digital River’s board. It’s his fourth position.

Prototypes for the new health care exchange are now online, MPR reports.

Former Vice President Walter Mondale has endorsed Kari Dziedzic in her bid to replace Sen. Larry Pogemiller. She faces off against other candidates today to become the DFL nominee.

The Vikings and the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission are at odds over when the team’s Metrodome lease ends.

The Senate holds a hearing on a new stadium at 12:30 p.m. today.

In Washington

President Barack Obama asked Republicans to get behind a plan to extend the payroll tax cut.

Democrats offered a compromise proposal.

Unlike many of his GOP colleagues, Mitt Romney said he would support extending the cuts.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota’s 1st CD, GOP hopeful Mike Parry is asking incumbent DFLer Tim Walz to support an extension that “does not add to the deficit or raise taxes on other Americans.”

Democrats are tweaking their messaging to appeal to those who support the Occupy Wall Street movement. Rep. Keith Ellison is mentioned.

Norm Coleman wrote an op-ed, saying government is blocking rural broadband. He singles out LightSquared, a Minnesota Virginia-based company that is touting a broadband system that the military worries could interfere with GPS. Coleman is a paid adviser to the company.

Around the Nation

Expect slower mail in 2012.

Post offices will close, but there are no decisions about which ones, according to the St. Cloud Times.

In Europe

France and Germany say they want to draft a new European Union treaty to prevent against another economic crisis, reports the New York Times.

On the Campaign Trail

Reuters reports Romney spent $100,000 to replace computers in his office at the end of his governorship. The news outlet calls it “an unprecedented effort to keep his records secret.”

Since Herman Cain dropped out of the race, Rep. Michele Bachmann has been saying his supporters are becoming her supporters. Most recently, she told a South Carolina crowd that “our phone has been ringing off the hook,” according to MSNBC.

That conflicts with this tweet from the Washington Post’s Amy Gardner: “Steve Grubbs just told John King that Gingrich has picked up 83% of Cain’s IA support.”

Despite her low polling numbers, Republican voters are “recognizing Bachmann’s sheer determination and tenacity,” Byron York writes.

Public Policy Polling shows that Bachmann’s favorability is up to 56/35 from 44/38 in October.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that a little boy told Bachmann at a book signing event that “My mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need fixing.”

The Washington Post explains the political power of Donald Trump.

Jon Huntsman will hold a fundraiser in Minneapolis.

A new Gallup poll shows Republicans believe Newt Gingrich and Romney are the only acceptable candidates for the party.

Nevertheless, Gingrich’s campaign faces hurdles.

The GOP’s top candidates are staying away from the early caucus and primary states, Politico reports.

But they aren’t shying away from the airwaves.

Campaign Time Machine

Once upon a time, Romney criticized Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry for being a flip-flopper. It’s a gripe Romney’s now hearing from both sides.

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    Lightsquared is based in Reston, VA:

    Corporate Headquarters – Reston, Va

    10802 Parkridge Boulevard

    Reston, VA 20191

    TEL: (877) 678-2920

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Mike Parry comes out as a Grover Norquist pledge loyalist. No surprises there. Parry may be surprised, however, to learn that MN 1st District voters see themselves as part of the other 99%, not the 1% Norquist and Parry are pledged to protect.

  • Catharine Richert

    Thanks EJ! Fixed.