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Be excited – it’s budget day!

Minnesota Management and Budget will release the forecast at 11:30 a.m. today.

Reporters Tom Scheck and Tim Pugmire will be all over it.

You can also catch budget coverage on the Big Story Blog and on Midday with Gary Eichten.

Around Minnesota

The Legislative Auditor wants more record-keeping on how Legacy dollars are being spent, MPR reports.

The Senate Rules and Administration Committee holds a hearing today at 9:30 a.m. on day care provider unionization. Note room change.

The panel may join a lawsuit to block a unionization vote, the Star Tribune reports.

Rep. King Banaian is not so hot on the Vikings’ latest plan to use existing income and sales taxes to pay for a new stadium, reports the St. Cloud Times.

The state’s Supreme Court rejected a case associated with the government shutdown.

Lawmakers are unlikely to cut student aid for those who go to for-profit colleges, MPR reports.

Ramsey County is exploring other taxes to pay for the Vikings stadium, the Pioneer Press reports.

K-12 schools are borrowing money to get by.

In Washington

Rep. John Kline’s bill to limit unionization rules passed the House.

The House of Representatives rescheduled a vote on a bill dealing with small businesses to accommodate Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign scheduled, Politico reports. Rep. Ron Paul criticized the move.

KDLH profiles Rep. Chip Cravaack.

President Barack Obama calls for an extension of the payroll tax credit.

Bachmann says she’ll oppose efforts to do so.

A program that helps low income families with heating bills is facing budget pressures.

Sen. Al Franken is getting into the holiday spirit.

On Wall Street

A move to lower borrowing rates meant a good day on Wall Street.

In Europe

The debt crisis is forcing the European Union to unite or divide, the Associated Press reports.

On the Congressional Campaign Trail

Frank Moe is backing Daniel Fanning in his bid to challenge Cravaack.

Norm Coleman’s American Action Network is at odds with the more conservative Club for Growth over which candidates to support, The Hill reports.

On the Presidential Campaign Trail

The Iowa Corn Growers Association gave Bachmann a D+ on agriculture issues. Newt Gingrich got the highest grades.

The Des Moines Register reports Bachmann would choose Rick Santorum as her running mate (or AG).

She clarified her statements about having an embassy in Iran.

Bachmann debated Iowa students over same-sex rights.

The PoliGraph takes a look at DFL Chairman Ken Martin’s claim about Mitt Romney’s immigration record.

The Washington Post writes that Romney is still struggling to make clear his views on immigration.

Many public officials promise transparency, but don’t always live up to their words, reports the Associated Press.

Ginger White won’t back down from her claim that she had a long affair with Herman Cain.

And Cain isn’t backing down from his race.

  • Jamie

    I’ve heard two different stories on MPR today in which there were: 1) soundbytes only of Republicans doing their spin and no soundbytes of Democrats, and 2) a long soundbyte of a Republican spinning, and then a shorter soundbyte of a Democrat saying something unrelated, leaving me, at least, to believe that MPR thinks the Republican spin is the truth.

    How is this possibly good journalism? How can MPR keep claiming they’re unbiased, balanced, fair, etc.?