McCall running for MNGOP Chair

Terry McCall, the Republican Party of Minnesota’s 2nd District Congressional Chair, is getting into the race to replace Tony Sutton as chair of the Minnesota Republican Party. McCall issued a statement on Facebook tonight saying he’s the best person to bring the party together after Sutton abruptly quit his post earlier this month.

“This is a critical time for our party,” McCall said in the statement. “We have the opportunity to renew a great brand.”

McCall said his goal in 2012 is to maintain the majority in the Minnesota House and Senate and elect a Republican President in 2012.

Political consultant Pat Shortridge and Todd McIntyre are also running for the position. Shortridge, who confirmed to MPR News that he’s running for the post, didn’t return repeated calls to discuss his candidacy. The conservative blog, True North, has more about McIntyre’s candidacy and Shortridge’s campaign.

Whoever is elected chair of the party will have some work to do. The Republican Party of Minnesota is more than $600,000 in debt and doesn’t have a top tier candidate to challenge DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

MPR examined the problems facing the MNGOP in this story.

  • Jeff Hagen

    I am a delegate and I fully endorse and support Terry McCall for MNGOP Chair. Terry is a fair, genuine, and hard-working Republican. A stalwart of freedom and our Constitutional rights, Terry understands the importance of government upon its people. Be it the federal government, state, county, or your local community, Terry understands that it’s our children and grand-children’s futures that are at stake. As citizens, we must do what is right and not burden future generations with debt, tyranny, and a dependence on the welfare/warfare state. I first met Terry four years ago, and he left an indelible impression on me from the start. He is warm, caring, smart, and fair. Unlike so many in today’s world, Terry is a fantastic listener. He is respectful, organized, and possesses both the financial as well as the people skills to get the MNGOP back on track. He is committed to the Party, even when many others have given up. Without reservation, I support Terry McCall for Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

    Jeff Hagen

    Delegate from 54B (Roseville)

  • Haley

    Glad to hear it! He’s an honorable man with truly conservative values.

  • Steve Rogers

    I was a 2008 RNC delegate, and I endorse Terry. We need an honorable person to clean the mess up, not an ex-enron lobbyist.

  • RT

    In the five years I have served as chairman of the Pine County Republicans and as a delegate to the State Central Committee, I have not seen any candidate as impressive as Terry McCall. Terry is a genuinely good person who has built relationships with people at the local level and with leaders in the Republican Party. He will encourage legislators to remain conservative, appeal to donors, and be willing to talk to activists who may be lost in the fray by leaders who are less energetic or attentive. This is a rare combination, and I would urge Republicans to take advantage of it.