Huntsman to hold Minneapolis fundraiser

Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman will be in Minnesota on Friday to raise money for his campaign. The former Utah Governor will be holding an event at the Minneapolis Club at 5pm. Donors are being asked to give $1,000 to attend.

Huntsman is doing a lot of his presidential campaigning in New Hampshire – the first in the nation primary. The most recent poll in that state shows Huntsman in 4th place behind Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

  • Joe

    Is this guy for real the Billionaire polling (or trolling) nea the bottom w/whacky ideas, has a fundraiser. For what to promote man made global warming and co2 or methane pollution while his campaign’s carbon footprint expands it enormously, and like your average enviro hypocrite he wants everyone else to conserve not him because he’s part of the “greater good”. Move over “elitist” Al Gore.