Brodkorb no longer with the Minnesota Senate

Cal Ludeman, Secretary of the Minnesota Senate, confirmed to MPR News tonight that Senate Republican Caucus spokesman Michael Brodkorb is no longer working for the Minnesota Senate. Ludeman would not say whether Brodkorb resigned or was fired.

Brodkorb was the key contact for Republicans in the Minnesota Senate. He also worked on the message and talking points for Senate Republicans.

In October, Brodkorb stepped down as deputy chair of the Minnesota Republican Party. He resigned so he could serve in a volunteer capacity with GOP state Sen. Mike Parry’s campaign for Congress.

Brodkorb did not return a phone call in time for this report.

Update: Ben Golnik, a senior adviser to Mike Parry’s campaign for Congress, says Brodkorb has left his role with the campaign. Brodkorb resigned as Deputy Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota in the fall to take a voluntary role with Parry’s campaign.