AT&T drops bid to buy T-Mobile, Franken weighs in

AT&T won’t be buying T-Mobile after all.

The $39 billion potential deal was facing government opposition.

DFL Sen. Al Franken was among those asking questions about the deal. Earlier this year, he asked the Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commissions to block the purchase.

Here’s what Franken had to say about the latest news:

“Had this merger gone through it would’ve been a bad deal for consumers, resulting in higher cell phone bills for Minnesotans, greatly reduced competition, the potential loss of thousands of jobs, and less innovation in technology.”

“This merger would have put us one step away from the monopoly we had during the Ma Bell years. Wireless telecommunication plays a central role in the 21st century American economy, and I’m relieved that we are no longer at risk of concentrating such enormous power in the hands of AT&T and Verizon.”

  • Mark D

    Franken is wrong on this deal. The absorption of T-Mobile would have cut roaming fees outside calling areas. Any- One in the Northwoods can testify how T-Mobile service is inept when outside the metro areas of Duluth. AT&T has 10 times the Towers then T-Mobile…The DNR is Contracted with T-Mobile also and the merger would have saved the Tax Payers thousands in roaming fees. Final verdict : Artifical Stupidity on Frankens part!